Monday, May 30, 2011


these are the things we kept and the things worth keeping in the b2 apartment

a shopping list dated 1/23/2011: shelving units for the 'unmentionables', PBR, black beans, and p90x.
a sticky note that had scribbled "you have a right to your dreams" in green sharpie
a receipt for 12 shots at the new holland brewery (courtesy of leighton)
4 dollars in thai currency
the vegan soup recipe that fed us through the winter
the letter you wrote me and, of course, the one i never had the courage to send you back
ben's stein
my empty marc jacob's perfume bottle
the picture of all of us at the jonsi concert
a trader joe's receipt for 150 dollars
a chicken wind chime
one earring that will never have a match but i could never throw away
under my bed, mine and quinn's semester goals sheet (less than 20% were actually completed)
the polaroid of The Boys and The Tree
a love note from lyndi leigh
five community flannel shirts
the poem you gave me that i never read but always wished i had
20 dollars in returnables
directions to the beautiful Aspen, Colorado
an international relations midterm that was only passed because of the graces of a gracious god
107 dried tea bags collected from events such as: family tea time, a potluck and late nights

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