Tuesday, October 5, 2010

humans all over the world

I am pretending to sleep. Katie is passed out next to me in our mosquito net and I hear mom closing up the house. My eyes are open enough to see what's going but closed enough to keep her fooled.

After locking the door mom comes over to my bed and gently peeks her head in. She looks at us sleeping for a long time. And then she smiles. I know what she is trying to say. All moms say it.

In that moment I forgot that I was living in the middle of a landfill. We were just two humans trying to love each other. There was nothing else.

This is the biggest lesson Thailand has taught me thus far.


  1. you;re the best. i am doing homework 1:35am. listening to taylor swift. candles burning. homework. beer in my belly. this is one of those nights that i imagined you to be here through it all.

  2. this is beauitful, abby! you are great at capturing life's little moments in such a beautiful way.

  3. abby, my sweet, what marvelous things you say
    missing you something awful